GETTING AHEAD OF THE WAVE: The Story of the 2009 Vancouver Island Learning Lunch Seminar Series

Note to Readers:

This article summarizes event logistical details for the 2009 Comox Valley Series. It also presents the Publication Schedule for the set of preview articles that constitute the “story of the series”. The articles are found under the supporting dropdown titled Curriculum Preview Stories. In addition, the dropdowns pertaining to each seminar can be accessed by clicking on these links:

  • Seminar #1 – What Drives Settlement
  • Seminar #2 – Pathway to Water Sustainability
  • Seminar #3 – Commitment to Regional Team Approach

The Publication Schedule provides readers with a roadmap for the series storyline and curriculum. In addition, the article below includes a link to the Program Overview which is a synopsis of the series curriculum in downloadable form.

Dates, Start/Finish Times, and Registration

The Comox Valley Regional District is the host local government for the 2009 Vancouver Island Learning Lunch Seminar Series. The 2009 Series is open to any Vancouver Island local government and will comprise three learning events. These will be held in the CVRD Board Room on the following dates:

  • Seminar #1: Friday, September 25
  • Seminar #2: Thursday, November 5
  • Seminar #3: either November 26 or 27

The meet-and-greet for each Learning Lunch Seminar will start at 10:30am. Each seminar will conclude at 3:00pm.

Registration will be capped at 50. A limited number of spaces are available for those who may be interested in participating in the 2009 Series. Priority will be given to those who attended the 2008 Series.


What You Should Know About the 2009 Series

The Comox Valley is the provincial pilot for demonstrating a ‘regional team approach’ that is founded on broad and inclusive partnerships and collaboration that reach for the common goal of sustainability. For context, click on Drought creates a ‘teachable moment’ for water-centric planning and climate change in the Comox Valley.

The 2009 Series is a collaboration of four local governments in the Comox Valley, the Comox Valley Land Trust, CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island, the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia, the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, the Green Infrastructure Partnership and two provincial Ministries (Community & Rural Development; and Environment).

The Curriculum

Click on Program Overview for a synopsis of the theme, scope and desired outcome for each of the three seminars. The learning process is cumulative: each seminar will build on the last and set the stage for the next. The Series theme is:

Curriculum Preview Stories

Leading up to the first seminar, stories published on the complementary dropdown titled Curriculum Preview Stories progressively foreshadowed and/or elaborated on what would be covered in the Series. Briefly:

Additional stories will be published during the October through December 2009 period to summarize what was accomplished at each seminar.


These stories serve as resource materials for the 2009 Learning Lunch Seminar Series. As the stories have been developed, this has provided the Comox Valley Organizing Team with an opportunity to focus on and formulate core concepts and key messages.

In addition, having access to this material ahead of time has enabled Series participants to prepare for the Town Hall sharing sessions. In this way, it is intended that the Series will provide all participants with maximum value.

Finally, this material can be referenced by others who wish to learn more about this provincial demonstration and how the experience gained and resulting insights can be adapted and applied in other areas.