Living Water Smart: Summary Report on 2008 Cowichan Valley Water Balance Model Forum


Living Water Smart: Doing Business Differently in British Columbia

In October 2008, the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) hosted a ‘by invitation only’ Water Balance Model Forum in collaboration with the Inter-Governmental Partnership.

The Forum was organized under the umbrella of CAVI – Convening for Action on Vancouver Island. The Forum featured a roundtable sharing of case study experience related to achieving runoff-based performance targets.

The Cowichan Valley Water Balance Model Forum is part of the implementation program for Beyond the Guidebook: The New Business As Usual. This initiative adds depth to  Living Water Smart, the provincial government’s vision and plan to keep British Columbia’s water healthy and secure for the future.

Summary Report on Cowichan Forum

The Province and local government are collaborating to develop a suite of user-friendly tools and approaches for assessment purposes and to provide consistency when reviewing development applications.

To download a copy of the Summary Report that consolidates three previous Water Bucket stories and Forum program announcements under one cover, click on the following link to Summary Report on Cowichan Valley Water Balance Model Forum.

Dealing with Rainwater Runoff Responsibly

“We are increasingly advising development applicants that they need to manage rainwater runoff where it falls. Until now we have not had an appropriate way to assess their proposed solutions,” noted Rob Conway (Assistant Manager, CVRD Development Services) in his closing comments.

Cowichan seminar series - rob conway“The Water Balance Model is a great way to do this. It provides local government reviewers with a measurable way of determining what is a good solution for a particular site. Developers showing that they are dealing with rainwater runoff responsively is a very important part of a development application.”

To hear Rob Conway on a YouTube video clip, please click here.