2008 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Seminar Series: stories posted on other waterbucket.ca communities-of-interest (COI)


In 2008, the Vancouver Island community-of-interest had not yet been created. Thus, online resources related to the ground-breaking 2008 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Seminar Series were dispersed across the waterbucket.ca website. A long-term task has been to replicate and update those resources on this community-of-interest.

Nature Knows No Boundaries: Make Green Choices to Create Liveable Communities & Protect Stream Health

The Vancouver Island Learning Lunch Seminar Series promoted a consistent provincial approach to rainwater management and green infrastructure. The Cowichan Valley Regional District and City of Courtenay were the host local governments for the Vancouver Island pilot program. In total, the participating Vancouver Island local governments that represented some 250,000 people.

  • The Cowichan Valley series comprised a set of three sessions held during the June – July 2008 period. For links to each seminar in the series, click here.
  • The Comox Valley series comprised a set of three sessions held during the September – November 2008 period.

The Learning Lunch Seminar Series was the first step in building a regional team approach so that there will be a common understanding and consistent messaging regarding on-the-ground expectations for rainwater management and green infrastructure. The Seminar Series was part of the implementation program for  Beyond the Guidebook: The New Business As Usual, and was precedent-setting in its scope.

Doing Business Differently

At the final seminar in the Comox Valley series, the theme was Nature Knows No Boundaries. Ron Neufeld (General Manager of Operations, City of Campbell River) explained why Living Water Smart is of strategic importance to local governments that wish to do business differently in the 21st century.

“The more we can align local actions with provincial targets, the greater our chances of success,” said Ron Neufeld. He also talked about accountability.”We must hold the provincial government accountable too,” he continued. “They have given us the long-term vision; and we are looking to them to be accountable for the support that we now need.”

List of waterbucket.ca Stories

These stories provide insight into the philosophy and educational objectives behind the seminar series; at the time of posting, they also established expectations for series participants. Each story is complete with links to other related resources:

Seminar #1 on September 19, 2008

To download a summary document that consolidates under one cover a selection of seven definitive Water Bucket web stories describing the key learning outcomes for each seminar, click on  Summary Report on 2008 Comox Valley Learning Lunch Seminar Series.