Report on 2007 Green Infrastructure Leadership Forum summarizes what was accomplished


Creating our future starts by asking what could Vancouver Island communities look like in 50 years?

Communities in the Georgia Basin are being transformed by settlement and economic growth. While the province has been experiencing a development boom, the need to mitigate pressures on land and water resources has provided a driver for a ‘green infrastructure’ movement that is water-centric and is founded on a natural systems approach.


Advancing a new way-of-thinking

The Association of Vancouver Island Coastal Communities (AVICC), which represents local government on Vancouver Island, and CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island held a Green Infrastructure Leadership Forum in Nanaimo on December 3, 2007.

AVICC and CAVI are partnering to advance a new way-of-thinking and acting related to infrastructure policies and practices. 

The goal in holding the Leadership Forum was to start a conversation that will lead to a region-wide dialogue in 2008 around achieving settlement in balance with ecology – AVICC and CAVI call this A Positive Settlement Strategy for Vancouver Island & Coastal Communities

To learn more about what was accomplished at the Leadership Forum,, either click on the adjacent image or on the following link to download a copy of  Creating our Future: Initiating a Dialogue about A Positive Settlement Strategy for Vancouver Island & Coastal Communities


About the Green Infrastructure Leadership Forum

To learn more about the Green Infrastructure Leadership Forum and the  program design, please click on these links to:

The Leadership Forum was designed for elected representatives and senior managers in local government.