Water Supply

    Lifewater Canada

    Lifewater Canada is a Christian, non-profit humanitarian organization. Our Strategy is simple: Volunteers train & equip African crews; Crews Drill Wells & build Washrooms; Donors help villages afford these necessities.

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    Global Water

    Global Water is an international non-profit, non-sectarian, non-governmental organization. By emphasizing volunteer help, Global Water serves as a vehicle for caring individuals to get involved in the world-wide effort to provide clean drinking water for developing countries.

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    BC Tap Water Alliance

    As communities are established, as populations increase, our shared responsibility should not only be directed towards monitoring the provincial inter-ministerial and public processes in place on what has and is occurring in our local watersheds, and to our subsurface flows, but also to become visionaries for the future well being of those community residents and to the integrity of our watersheds.

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    Health Canada: Water Quality and Health

    Health Canada is responsible for the assessment of exposure and impact on human health of selected contaminants in tap and groundwater, in order to establish national drinking water quality guidelines, conducting drinking water research supporting technology development/transfer, and assessment of drinking water treatment processes.

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