FLASHBACK TO 2006: “The Design with Nature Game Show is a way of having some fun at the start of the Water Balance Model training workshop. It loosens the group up. It gets them thinking about how to use the tool,” explained Richard Boase

    The Design with Nature Game Show was one of the features of the training workshop hosted by UBC-Okanagan University.“It is fascinating to see how excited and ‘into it’ people get after a few minutes. The irony is that the grand prize is one hour of personal tutoring by me by phone. Just imagine what they would be like if there was a real prize! It just goes to show how important it is to make a computer modeling workshop fun. If people have fun, they will get more out of the day and perhaps some of the philosophical stuff will actually stick,” stated Richard Boase.

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    Rainwater Management and ‘Green’ Subdivision Design: Water Balance Model Training Workshop held at UBC-Okanagan University to introduce a design with nature’ approach

    “UBC-Okanagan is pleased to have provided the venue for this application of sustainability-on-the-ground. This sponsorship opportunity was an outcome of a meeting with the Chair of the Inter-Governmental Partnership (IGP), at which time we realized that UBC-Okanagan and the IGP shared a common objective in advancing the state-of-the-art for water management in the Okanagan,” stated Bernard Bauer, Dean ot the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences.

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    Water Balance Model Retrospective: A Decade Ago, City of Kelowna Case Study Validated the Methodology for Interior BC Conditions

    “The Water Balance Model was developed as an extension of Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia. The Guidebook applied a science-based understanding, developed the water balance methodology to establish performance targets, and demonstrated that urban watershed restoration could be accomplished over a 50-year timeframe as communities redevelop,” recalls Peter Law.

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    Okanagan Rain to Resource Workshop: Ted van der Gulik presents the storyline for "Beyond the Guidebook 2010"

    “Beyond the Guidebook 2010 demonstrates that the practitioner culture is changing as an outcome of collaboration, partnerships and alignment; and provides local governments with 'how to' guidance for developing outcome-oriented urban watershed plans,” states Ted van der Gulik. “The Guidebook recognized that water volume is something over which local government has control through its infrastructure policies, practices and standards.”

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