Testing Practices

    Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA)

    The aim of GIWA is to produce a comprehensive and integrated global assessment of international waters, the ecological status of and the causes of environmental problems in 66 water areas in the world, and focus on the key issues and problems facing the aquatic environment in transboundary waters.

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    CWWA: Treatment Technologies Database

    The information contained in this database includes current and emerging technologies used to treat water in all services and many sectors. It is a web-based database and can be searched and modified on-line.

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    CWWA: Research Projects Database

    The purpose of this database is to provide gathered information regarding research being conducted throughout Canada and world-wide. This database has four sections:
    areas of research, administrative/contact information, research information, funding information, and additional information.

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    Health Canada: Water Quality and Health

    Health Canada is responsible for the assessment of exposure and impact on human health of selected contaminants in tap and groundwater, in order to establish national drinking water quality guidelines, conducting drinking water research supporting technology development/transfer, and assessment of drinking water treatment processes.

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    CWWA: Quality Parameters Database

    You may search this database to identify legislative and non-legislative tools referring to specific quality parameters that may have an impact on the operations and management of your water or wastewater systems.

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