Source Controls

    Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA)

    The aim of GIWA is to produce a comprehensive and integrated global assessment of international waters, the ecological status of and the causes of environmental problems in 66 water areas in the world, and focus on the key issues and problems facing the aquatic environment in transboundary waters.

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    CWWA: Directory of Contaminants Database

    This is a web-based database composed of a listing of contaminants that are used in various industrial applications. The database may be searched using a parameter or an industrial sector.

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    Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC)

    GWPC is a nonprofit organization that works toward the protection of the nation’s ground water supplies. The purpose of the GWPC is to promote and ensure the use of best management practices and fair but effective laws regarding comprehensive ground water protection.

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    Government Saskatchewan: Sasktachewan Environment – Water

    This website provides information on the protection of our water including: drinking water, aquatic habitat, environmental monitoring, water regulations, and water protection. Environmental Assessment processes help us ensure proposed developments in Saskatchewan are sustainable.

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