Projects & Case Studies

    Great Lakes Directory

    The Great Lakes Directory is one of the most extensive online resources of Great Lakes environmental information. Our online library has over 2,000 Great Lakes articles and our directory has over 1,000 Great Lakes organizations.

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    Community Mapping Network (CMN)

    CMN's MapBuilder is a mapping and knowledge management application that allows you to create your own custom map and data queries. Select from over 1,000 thematic layers for British Columbia and Canada.

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    Earth Force: Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN)

    GREEN helps young people protect the rivers, streams and other vital water resources in their communities. This program merges hands-on, scientific learning with civic action. GREEN resources, including the curriculum Protecting Our Watersheds and water quality monitoring equipment, are available to educators across the country. GREEN training and support for educators is available through offices, affiliates and partners.

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    Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO): Canadian Waters

    Welcome to Canadian Waters — the web site linking you to useful and interesting information about Canada’s oceans and fish habitat. Canadian Waters provides you with information about our activities and programs and shows you how you can get involved.

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    Environment Agency: Water Resources

    The Environment Agency has a duty to secure the proper use of water resources in England and Wales. We monitor water in the environment, and issue 'abstraction licences' to regulate who can take water from the environment. These specify the amount of water someone can take from a location over a period of time. We also have a long term strategy for Water Resources that looks 25 years ahead and considers the needs of both the environment and society.

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    Council of Great Lakes Governors (CGLC)

    The Council has one simple mission: To encourage and facilitate environmentally responsible economic growth. Through the Council, Governors work collectively to ensure that the entire Great Lakes region is both economically sound and environmentally conscious in addressing today&#039s problems and tomorrow&#039s challenges.

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