Nutrient Management

    Living Technologies Ltd. (LTL)

    LTL designs and builds ecological wastewater treatment systems in co-operation with various partner organisations. We work with three main types of Ecological Treatment Systems: Lake Restorers, Eco-Restorers, and Reedbeds.

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    Ecowaters Project

    Ecowaters Project develops, promotes and demonstrates better wastewater management systems and practices, with an emphasis on source-separation and utilization approaches.

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    Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH)

    CEH Wallingford's mission is to: advance the science of hydrology through research, investigate through monitoring and modelling natural changes in the hydrological environment and to assess past, present and future effects of man's impact on all phases of the hydrological cycle, secure, expand and provide hydrologically relevant data, and promote the use of CEH's research and data.

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    Duke Univeristy Wetland Center (DUWC)

    The goal of the Duke University Wetland Center is to provide sound scientific knowledge that will lead to sustainable wetland functions and values for the nation and the world. The center works toward this goal by conducting, sponsoring and coordinating research and teaching on critical wetland issues.

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