Irrigation Management

    Global Change Master Directory (GCMD)

    Our goal is to enable users to locate and obtain access to Earth science data sets and services relevant to the global change and Earth science research. The GCMD database holds more than 15,000 descriptions of Earth science data sets and services covering all aspects of Earth and environmental sciences.

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    Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD): Buildsmart

    To help us develop our region in a way that lets us achieve economic prosperity, environmental health and community well-being, Buildsmart provides a resource for the design and construction industry, helping you make smart, sustainable choices when crafting the future of our constructed environment.

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    Green Venture & the City of Hamilton: Wise Water Use

    Green Venture and the City of Hamilton have partnered in a new initiative called the Wise Water Use program. The goal of this program is to help residents use water wisely in order to preserve one of our most precious natural resources, water.

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    CWWA: Research Projects Database

    The purpose of this database is to provide gathered information regarding research being conducted throughout Canada and world-wide. This database has four sections:
    areas of research, administrative/contact information, research information, funding information, and additional information.

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    CWWA: Water Efficiency Experiences Database (WEED)

    This site is to encourage the exchange of information in this rapidly growing field. It provides links to articles on indoor and outdoor water use, landscaping, public awareness and education, community activity, infrastructure, regulations, research and technology, and economics in Canada.

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    Irrigation Association (IA)

    Since 1949, Irrigation Association® members worldwide have worked toward a shared vision – water conservation through efficient irrigation. The IA, a non-profit business, promotes and supports the irrigation industry by: providing a voice for the industry, acting as a source of technical and public policy information, raising awareness of the benefits of professional irrigation services, offering professional training and certification, and uniting irrigation professionals.

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