WBM Express for Landowners

Metro Vancouver $50,000 grant in 2012 enabled Partnership to proceed with "Water Balance Model Express for Landowners"

“Metro Vancouver has contributed $50,000 to fund further enhancement of the Water Balance Model because widespread use of this decision tool will help Metro Vancouver and members fulfil our regulatory commitments, in particular those related to integrated rainwater management,” stated Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore, Chair of the Metro Vancouver Board.

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WBM Express for Metro Vancouver Region: Concept presented to Stormwater Interagency Liaison Group in November 2010

“The general concept is that a simplified version of the full WBM could be used through a user-friendly interface targeted at property owners and small lot developers to assist these users during land development and redevelopment,” summarized John McMahon. “This would provide a functional tool to help implement positive change one lot at a time, and would then have watershed-wide beneficial impacts.”

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