WBM Express for Landowners

Partnership releases "An Introduction to the Water Balance Methodology for Protecting Watershed Health" to inform decision-making

“The purpose of this short-form document is to provide local government staff and others with a ‘what you need to know’ overview of the Water Balance Methodology. The desired outcome is that this will facilitate informed decision-making that results in development and implementation of affordable and effective performance targets,” explains Richard Boase.

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"Water Balance Model Express demonstrates how inter-regional partners are sharing tools and resources," Kim Stephens informs Cowichan Valley Regional Board

“So, why collaboration? Here are the key words – affordable and effective. This is what it is all about. Money is not unlimited,” emphasized Kim Stephens. “So what is the goal of collaboration? We are talking about standards of practice, whether those practices be engineering or planning. They have to be affordable and effective. Where we are trying to get to is a healthy watershed with healthy streams.”

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WBM Express for Landowners: Implementation Recommendation Approved by Cowichan Valley Regional Board in May 2014

“The CVRD has been a regional case study for the development of the Water Balance Model Express. This tool has resulted in an enhanced capability of the CVRD to maintain its leadership in the areas of watershed management and the development of technical and community based responses to emerging issues which are appropriate for our regional context,” wrote Kate Miller.

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Comox Valley Regional Board approves recommendation to use Water Balance Methodology to develop Performance Targets

“The CVRD is currently undergoing an Official Community Plan update and it is timely to include updated policy statements regarding rainwater management. A full rainwater management strategy is a multi-year process that can be started now with implementation of several short term objectives aimed at further improving rainwater management in the electoral areas,” wrote Kevin Lorettte.

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Partnership unveiled web-based “Water Balance Model Express for Landowners” at Cowichan Valley Forum in February 2014

“The CVRD wants to ensure that our region’s watersheds continue to function effectively so that both our communities, the environment and fisheries get the right amount of water at the right time,” states Kate Miller. “The WBM Express allows us to implement specific targets for each of our communities’ watersheds so that the homeowner simply has to select their appropriate watershed and concentrate on their property’s function.”

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