Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management

Convening for Action in Metro Vancouver: Goal of Resilient Rainwater Management is "Sustainable Watershed Systems" (Sept 2015)

“A systems approach to watershed health and protection recognizes that actions on the land have consequences for the three pathways to streams and hence the water balance of the watershed. Those consequences are felt in both dry weather and wet weather – too little or too much water, respectively. Resilient Rainwater Management accounts for all rainfall-days per year,” stated Kim Stephens.

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Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework (Summer 2015)

“The BC Framework points the way to a holistic and integrated approach to asset management. Nature, and the ecosystem services that it provides, are a fundamental and integral part of a community’s infrastructure system. This is not to suggest that all ecosystem services provide a municipal function. Trees, soil, green spaces, and water do contribute a valuable municipal function in maintaining the hydrologic integrity of a healthy watershed,” states Glen Brown.

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