BEYOND THE GUIDEBOOK 2015: Moving Towards “Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management” (released Nov 2015)

“This is superlative work. It records so much in visual and conversational ways that everyone who reads it will see how changes are informed and guided towards collaborative action to achieve real results. You have connected the dots enabling those who were part of the stories to see how they have contributed in so many meaningful ways for themselves and their communities of place and practice,” stated Erik Karlsen.

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BEYOND THE GUIDEBOOK PRIMER SERIES – Sustainable Watershed Systems: Primer on Application of Ecosystem-based Understanding in the Georgia Basin (released in September 2016)

“An interface is needed to translate the complex products of science into achievable goals and implementable solution for practical resource management. This interface is what we now call a science-based understanding,” stated Peter Law. “Understanding how land development impacts watershed hydrology and the functions of aquatic ecosystems provides a solid basis for making decisions to guide action where and when it is most needed.”

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