Backgrounder Series

BACKGROUNDER SERIES ON SUSTAINABLE WATERSHED SYSTEMS: Comox Valley Eco-Asset Management Symposium – Discovering Nature’s Infrastructure Potential (released in February 2017)

The Symposium introduced participants to Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management. “The purpose of the Symposium is to build local knowledge and interest in how to apply eco-asset management principles at the local level,” states Tim Ennis, Executive Director, Comox Valley Land Trust. “The Symposium is very much about setting in motion a mind-set change. It is therefore essential that everyone steps back and sees the big picture.”

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BACKGROUNDER SERIES ON SUSTAINABLE WATERSHED SYSTEMS: “Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management” – Local stream stewardship volunteers may yet be the difference-maker (released in February 2017)

“The stewardship community can work with local governments to inform the broader community,” stated ZoAnn Morten. “We can open eyes and minds. We can open doors so that together we can make the changes necessary to achieve a vision for a watershed. It is the streamkeepers who have the on-the-ground knowledge needed to establish restoration priorities within a watershed. That is the key to benefitting from local input.”

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