2007 thru 2010

Philadelphia's bold plan for rainwater/stormwater management envisions "giant sponge"

‘Green City, Clean Waters’ reimagines the city as an oasis of rain gardens, green roofs, permeable pavements, thousands of additional trees, and more. “I believe it’s the most significant investment in transforming the city that we’ll see in our lifetimes,” said Patrick Starr, Pennsylvania Environmental Council. “It will change the way neighborhoods look, the way many streets and blocks look.”

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Evolution of Stormwater Management in Atlanta, Georgia

Dave Briglio – author of Stormwater Magazine articles
In 2007, a 3-part series focused on causes, effects, and remedies leading to the establishment and refinement of administrative procedures, professional trust, proactive approaches, and the elimination of plan implementation obstacles.

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University Roofs Go Green in the United States

In the October 2008 issue of Stormwater Magazine, Margaret Buranen examines the state-of-the-art of green roofs in the USA today, providing some basic definitions of their types and construction. The article also looks at how the United States compares to Europe, where green roofs are more widely used, and how some of the barriers, such as higher costs, are slowly being removed.

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