2006 thru 2010

What's happening in the City of Surrey

The City of Surrey has been quietly plugging away at finding an answer to one of today’s most important questions in urban rainwater management: ‘How can we accommodate forecasted growth while achieving community liveability, urban stream health and environmental protection outcomes at a watershed scale.’

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Climate Change Adaptation and Urban Reforestation in Delta, British Columbia

About 1/3 of the urban landscape is typically covered by road rights-of-way. This creates opportunities to capture rain where it falls and restore it to natural hydrologic pathways. In British Columbia, Delta municipality is planting an urban forest to mitigate climate change. Delta has set a goal to plant 20,100 trees by the year 2010.

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Green Infrastructure Performance – On the Ground Results for East Clayton Sustainable Community

The challenge for high growth communities is to make informed choices that will produce cumulative benefits over time, and thereby ensure long-term community vitality and liveability. The Green Infrastructure Partnership brought its ‘design with nature' message to a receptive audience at a Sustainability Community Breakfast hosted by the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

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