2015 Leahy Environmental Summit (Vermont)

United States Senator Patrick Leahy sponsored the 2015 Leahy Environmental Summit – held in Burlington, Vermont – to launch the "Climate Change Resilient, Floodwater Smart initiative"

“The Climate Change Resilient, Floodwater Smart initiative is based on a simple notion that when it comes to enterprise innovation and integration, there is nothing that brings out the best in human systems, faster, more consistently, and more effectively, than the power of ‘the whole’,” stated Senator Patrick Leahy. “True innovation happens when strong multi­-disciplinary groups come together, build a collaborative interchange, and explore their different points of strength.”

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United States Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell delivered the keynote address at the 2015 Leahy Environmental Summit

“Vermonters are more resilient to climate change and impacts they see in the environment. So, I’m here to encourage their good work, to talk a little bit about our role as the federal government and how we can work better together,” Jewell said. “You’re getting storms that you’ve never seen before; you’re getting winds that you’ve never seen before. We’ve got to be adapting. We’ve got to be addressing it. We can share with the public the benefit of green infrastructure.”

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Convening for Action at 2015 Leahy Environmental Summit: Kim Stephens provided ‘inspirational remarks’ about British Columbia experience in applying natural systems thinking

“It was an honour to be invited to Vermont by the Senator and his Environmental Summit team to participate in this transformational process,” stated Kim Stephens. “I appreciated the opportunity to observe history in the making, because that is what I believe it will prove to be. Speaking from experience, I predict that a decade from now the Summit team will be celebrating this milestone event and what it set in motion.”

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Convening for Action in Vermont: 'Climate Change Resilient, Floodwater Smart’ Stewardship

“The goal of the 2015 Leahy Environmental Summit is to inspire multi­-organizational, regional teams to produce or further develop specific projects, programs, and plans that engage an enthusiastic community to address social and structural resiliency for flooding and stormwater issues related to climate change. Given the energy in the room, it is clear that we achieved that goal,” stated Phelan Fretz.

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