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Quebec hosts fourth in the “Across Canada Workshop Series” on Resilient Rainwater Management (Oct 31)

“In Quebec, guidelines are requirements. Similar to British Columbia practice, the goal of Quebec’s Rainwater Management Guide is to manage all rainfall events, large and small. The design objective is to ‘reproduce the natural condition’. This is equivalent to the approach in BC which is expressed as ‘mimic the natural water balance’. Like BC, we recognize the need to reduce runoff volume by infiltrating rainwater where it falls,” explains Gilles Rivard.

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Ottawa Region hosts third in the “Across Canada Workshop Series” on Resilient Rainwater Management (Oct 30)

“Our staff and community partners have an opportunity to learn about potentially different ways to manage stormwater runoff in urbanizing and changing watersheds. This workshop is an accessible means to learn about how British Columbia is attempting to reduce the impact of traditional stormwater management policies and practices; and to learn about the water budget analysis tool that they have developed,” states Don Maciver.

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Toronto Region hosts second in the “Across Canada Workshop Series” on Resilient Rainwater Management (Oct 28)

“The Series could be the springboard to an annual convening of those practitioners who are leading change across the country. In ‘convening for action’, it would be about sharing what the champions in each province are doing. Sharing of stories is a powerful way of inspiring others to do things differently. Showcasing the ‘BC story’ supports what we would like to accomplish in the Toronto region,” stated Glenn MacMillan.

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Alberta hosts first of five in the "Across Canada Workshop Series" on Resilient Rainwater Management (Oct 23)

“Back in 2004 folks from the Pacific Northwest visited Alberta to talk about their learnings in sustainable stormwater management. Those discussions were part of the early impetus to the formation of the ALIDP – the Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership. Ten years later, how has rainwater management evolved in BC? How does it compare to Alberta and the rest of Canada?,” stated Leta van Duin.

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