Rainwater Capture: Planning

Well, What is Rainwater Management, Really?

Don Moore was a commonsense practitioner; he was not captive to terminology. Part of his legacy is being the catalyst for looking at drainage differently in 2004. Don Moore was also responsible for constructing the first ‘engineered rain garden’ in British Columbia.

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Clean Water….Green City: Blending the interests of land and water in Philadelphia

The plan reimagines the city as an oasis of rain gardens, green roofs, permeable pavements, thousands of additional trees, and more. According to Howard Neukrug, the Philadelphia Water Department’s Director of the Office of Watersheds, “We are taking that (old, grey infrastructure) barrier down, and are stopping the water from ever hitting the system.”

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Rainwater Management on Diverging Paths in British Columbia and Washington State?

A decade ago, British Columbia and Washington State had the same science and a common understanding of what it meant. The point of departure for rainwater management and green infrastructure was the same. A decade later, are they on diverging paths? “We call our approach designing with nature,” continued Remi Dubé, “We have borrowed from the teachings of Ian McHarg because we believe this is the way we will create livable communities and protect stream health.”

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Managing Rainwater for Urban Sustainability Using Trees and Structural Soils

Stormwater Management: Using trees and structural soils – manual cover (360p)
Researchers know that urban forests, like rural forest land, can play a pivotal role in rainwater/stormwater mitigation. Structural soil reservoirs may provide new opportunities for meeting engineering, environmental, and greenspace management needs in urban areas.

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