Keep Rain on Site

"My Rain Garden" – Fostering an Ethic to Maintain Roadway Amenities in View Royal

Rain gardens are a core element of the Design with Nature strategy for the Island Highway Enhancement Project through the Town of View Royal. Homeowners fronting on the old Island Highway will be involved in the decision-making for rain garden plant selection. The Town of View Royal has constructed a portable rain garden to demonstrate how dirty runoff is cleansed

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Rainwater Management & Site Adaptive Planning

If we view innovative rainwater management comprehensively, it starts with an understanding of site processes, systems and context. At a November 2007 workshop, Paul de Greef provided a landscape architect's perspective.

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Overcoming Fear and Doubt to Implement Changes in Infrastructure Standards

“Circa 2000-2001, the mantra in BC was “overcoming fear and doubt” in order to move ahead with projects such as the East Clayton Sustainable Community in Surrey, and UniverCity at Simon Fraser University on Burnaby Mountain. Translating high expectations into practical design guidelines meant revisiting accepted drainage engineering practice,” stated Kim Stephens.

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