2006 thru 2010

Bigger Pipes or Greener Communities: A Hydrological Assessment of using Low Impact Development to Mitigate Future Flooding

“Climate change significantly raises the risk of rain-generated floods and infrastructure failure. To maintain current levels of service, drainage infrastructure will need to be modified and upgraded. A key challenge is that for many communities, it will be prohibitively costly to rely on conventional engineered solutions,” states Chris Jensen.

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United States EPA Proposes "Next Generation" of Rainwater/Stormwater Controls in Clean Water Permit for Washington, DC

“I have to think that the 90 percent number was influenced by our work in British Columbia over the years,” observes Patrick Condon. In the late 1990s, he was influential in helping to facilitate a paradigm-shift when he drew attention to the need to look at the rainfall spectrum differently. One of his sound-bites was “capture the first inch of rainfall”.

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Performing Topsoil: Morgan Heights in the City of Surrey illustrates a developer's commitment to "shared responsibility"

Topsoil Technical Primer – cover (360p)
Green Infrastructure Partnership – February 2010
The Morgan Heights developer exemplifies what is meant by 'shared responsibility'. To ensure the performing topsoil is provided, the developer works with a purchaser from the start of house construction to the point where the purchaser takes possession and moves into the house.

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