Rainfall-Runoff Modeling

Voodoo Hydrology explained by Andy Reese

Andy Reese reports that he has been repeatedly reminded of the black box nature of urban stormwater hydrologic design, and the often minimal level of understanding of many designers. The article points out some of the methodologies that can be used to obtain any number of “correct” answers.

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Volume-Based Hydrology explained by Andy Reese

“We are now facing another sea change in thinking that is reaching’pandemic’ proportions. Recent discussion by stormwater opinion leaders is now pointing to a convergence on what we will call volume-based hydrology (VBH) and movement away from the peak-flow-based version,” writes Andy Reese.

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Stormwater Detention: Ten proven ways to cheat

“Have you ever felt that justifying your detention design to a reviewing agency was a game of numbers? Do you have ways of making that marginal design look like a winner? Most engineers do,” wrote Glenn E. Brooks in the September 2007 issue of Stormwater magazine.

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