Rainfall-Runoff Modeling

Rainwater Management in a Watershed Context: Tools and Practices Reflect Regulatory Context

“Watershed and drainage models are not a ‘one size fits all’ item. These tools each have pluses and minuses, and tend to reflect the regulatory and physical context for which they were first developed. So the challenge we face is to find modeling technologies that are right for our needs, the solutions we prefer, and the processes we have developed,” states Dr. Charles Rowney.

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“Water Balance Model” incorporates Climate Change Module

“Local governments need to understand how the rainfall volume and distribution might be impacted over time by a changing climate. Then they will be in a position to implement an appropriate adaptation strategy for maintaining a ‘water balance’ that will be effective in protecting stream health,” stated Ted van der Gulik.

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Climate Change Research Helps Communities in British Columbia

“Local Governments are making significant progress in preparing for a changing climate, from vulnerability assessments to comprehensive climate adaptation plans. Throughout these processes, a key challenge has been translating global climate science to local land-use decisions,” states Chris Jensen.

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