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"Victoria’s Stormwater Utility a step in the right direction," writes Laura Brandes of POLIS

“The City’s stormwater program offers an opportunity to better understand and explore the connections between rainwater, stormwater, and urban runoff. In addition to being a step into the 21st century, this program is a step towards better respecting and valuing our water resources, so we can better weave the natural water cycle into the fabric of our city,” states Laura Brandes.

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Rainwater Management: “Collaborative initiatives will help municipalities better deliver on regulatory compliance,” Kim Stephens informs Metro Vancouver Regional Engineers Advisory Committee

“Everything the Partnership does is founded on the proven experience of local government champions who are leading change in BC. Inter-regional collaboration will help everyone go farther, more efficiently and effectively, to achieve these three objectives: design with nature, implement green infrastructure and mimic the Water Balance,” states Kim Stephens.

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ADAPT – Guiding Principles of Integrated Rainwater Management

“Outcome-oriented planning is a problem-solving PROCESS. It is not a procedure. It is not a matter of applying a regulation or a checklist. Participants have to be committed to the outcome. Going through a process becomes talent development. Participants have to be committed to the outcome,” stated Tim Pringle.

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FLASHBACK: City of Surrey Innovation Resulted in Evolution of Performance Target Approach to Rainfall Capture

“Experience gained in East Clayton and South Newton was then applied in Fergus Creek. The Beyond the Guidebook methodology was formalized as the Stream Health Methodology, and subsequently incorporated in the Water Balance Model when it was integrated with the QUALHYMO engine. The Stream Health Methodology is a function of flow duration, and hence stream erosion,” explains Jim Dumont.

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