British Columbia Guidance Documents

APEGBC Sponsors Province-Wide Drainage Seminars that Complement "Beyond the Guidebook"

“There is a need for a new approach to hydrologic design. A key message is that a rainfall-based approach does not work effectively. This is why I advocate a runoff-based approach. Duration of discharge is important because it links directly to stream health. The ‘runoff-based approach’ holds the key to assessing environmental impacts in watercourses and the effectiveness of mitigation techniques”, stated Jim Dumont.

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Template for Integrated Stormwater Management Planning in the Metro Vancouver Region

The ISMP Template provides a standardized process that includes all of the key components for rainwater and stormwater management. These are categorized in terms of three disciplines – engineering, planning and environmental. “A municipality can decide which components are applicable, and can establish the level of effort required based on risk and local conditions. Not all of the components may be relevant for a given watershed or drainage catchment,” states Robert Hicks.

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Going Beyond the Guidebook: City of Surrey Showcases Vision for Green Infrastructure on the Ground

In undertaking the Fergus Creek Integrated Stormwater Management Plan, the City of Surrey is pushing the envelope in pioneering the application of innovative approaches that it believes will achieve noticeable benefits over a 50-year planning horizon. The Fergus ISMP “goes beyond the Guidebook” because it is built around a science-based methodology that correlates runoff volume with stream health, reported Paul Ham.

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Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia (released in 2002)

Founded on British Columbia case study experience, the Guidebook formalized a science-based understanding to set performance targets for reducing rainwater runoff volumes and rates. These targets represent the synthesis of biological and hydrological understanding. Structured to meet the information needs of different audiences, the Guidebook formalized the ‘Integrated Strategy for Managing the Complete Spectrum of Rainfall Events’,

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