articles for period 2016 thru 2020

Flashback to 2006: Branding of “Beyond the Guidebook Initiative” commenced with publication of an article in Innovation Magazine, the voice of BC professional engineers

“We must be driven to investigate the problems and issues that stimulated the preparation of the Guidebook,” wrote Jim Dumont. “We are at a crossroad in the path defining the methodologies and applications used in stormwater management. Whether one realizes it or not, there are two paths to follow. The fundamental difference between the two approaches lies in how rainfall data is used.”

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Flashback to 2006: "Going Beyond the Guidebook" – phrase was coined at the event hosted by the City of Surrey in the Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation Series

“With release of the Guidebook, the Province changed the direction of stormwater management in British Columbia, with an initial goal of capturing rainfall at the site. But that was only the start of the journey,” stated Kim Stephens. “The Guidebook set the stage for what needed to come next. The second paradigm-shift involved getting drainage practitioners thinking about what level of rainwater runoff volume reduction makes sense at the site, catchment and watershed scales.”

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2016 BCIT Guest Lecture Series – introduced a new generation of graduating civil engineers to the "Beyond the Guidebook Continuum"

“The ‘salmon crisis’ throughout the 1990s decade galvanized awareness in BC. In response, governments recognized the need to restore and protect watershed and stream health. This set in motion a chain of actions and events. The ripple effects are reverberating through time,” states Kim Stephens. “We all learn from stories, and the most compelling ones are based on the experience of those who are leading their communities. Beyond the Guidebook 2015 showcases five ‘regional stories’.”

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