Beyond the Guidebook 2007

DOWNLOAD BEYOND THE GUIDEBOOK 2007 – first in a series of provincial guidance documents connected dots, initiated paradigm-shift and provided local governments with "Context for Rainwater Management and Green Infrastructure in British Columbia"

“The British Columbia landscape is being transformed by settlement and economic growth. The Stormwater Planning Guidebook recognized that water volume is something over which local government has control through its infrastructure policies, practices and standards. ‘Beyond the Guidebook’ builds on this foundation by advancing a runoff-based approach and tool – the ‘Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO’– to help local governments achieve desired urban stream health and environmental protection outcomes at a watershed scale,” stated Ted van der Gulik.

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AT 2007 BEYOND THE GUIDEBOOK SEMINAR – British Columbia Ministry of Community Services announced that "Today's Expectations are the Standards of Tomorrow"

”The approach that we are taking is to set the goal. As a result, we are seeing people in local governments leapfrogging each other to see how close they can get to the goal,” stated Chris Jensen.In his closing remarks, he made it clear to the audience that: “In terms of providing you with a road map, today’s expectations are the standards of tomorrow. At the Ministry, we believe that change for the better will be created through the combination of education and financial incentives.”

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AT 2007 BEYOND THE GUIDEBOOK SEMINAR – "Rainwater management is about protecting stream health, not how much volume you can infiltrate," stated DFO's Corino Salomi

Corino Salomi described the Beyond the Guidebook as a ‘must read’ because of the way it provides a synopsis of what is most relevant and useful. “While we need to have volume reduction targets, at the end of the day it is how effectively we apply the suite of available rainwater management tools that will ultimately determine whether we will succeed in protecting stream health at a watershed scale,” stated Corino.

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Flashback to 2007: BC’s “Beyond the Guidebook Initiative” formally launched by the Green Infrastructure Partnership at a provincial seminar hosted by APEGBC in Vancouver

“The Stormwater Guidebook set in motion a chain of outcomes that has resulted in BC being recognized internationally as a leader in implementing a natural systems approach to rainwater management in the urban environment,” stated Minister of Environment Barry Penner in 2007. “The Convening for Action initiative creates an opportunity to move beyond rainwater management to embrace all components of the water cycle through integrated water management.”

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