RISK-BASED ASSET MANAGEMENT FOR STORMWATER INFRASTRUCTURE: “Communities must determine the desired level of service that they want the drainage system to achieve….and the real cost of providing that level of service,” wrote Hal Clarkson, Certified Asset Management professional

“Our community officials and citizens often do not understand how a drainage system works or the effort required to keep it functioning at an acceptable level of service. As an industry, we have done a very poor job of educating our community on stormwater infrastructure issues, especially on the connection between cost of service and level of service. There is an answer, but it requires a shift in how we as a public works industry do business—and, even more so, it requires a shift in our industry’s mindset,” stated Hal Clarkson.

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REINVENTING THE TRADITIONAL VEGETATED ROOF FOR RAINWATER DETENTION: “A detention layer in vegetated roof systems helps manage the excess rainwater runoff onsite by mimicking friction found in watersheds and aquifers,” states Sasha Aguilera in an informative reference on green roof concepts and technologies

“Put simply: the modern vegetated roof is designed to drain extremely fast. That is not to say no one has considered alternatives,” states Sasha Aguilera. “Slowing down water to create detention has been tried in vegetated roofs, albeit with mixed success. There are a few examples of great success, but replicability and widespread adoption have been difficult to achieve. This is unsurprising, since creating detention in a thin vegetated system is challenging. However, innovations are changing that equation.”

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