USE GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE TO KEEP RAIN ON-SITE: Toronto moves closer to making parking lot owners pay for stormwater management (November 2019)

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A Toronto councillor is asking the city to support a new stormwater charge for company parking lots to help fight climate change and promote rainwater conservation. Coun. Mike Layton said his motion would require parking lots and other large properties in Toronto to pay their “fair share” for stormwater management costs. The councillor said large paved parking lots send large amounts of rainwater down the storm sewer, but they do not always pay for stormwater management costs.

Toronto Councillor Proposes Stormwater Charge to Fight Climate Change

“In an effort to battle climate change, the City of Toronto inched closer toward making parking lot owners pay for helping manage stormwater runoff, which could potentially reduce the financial burden on other businesses and industries,” wrote Francine Kopun in an article published by the Toronto Star.

An Incentive for Climate Friendly Solutions

“Currently, the City of Toronto doesn’t charge for the stormwater that is created and added to the municipal system for treatment,” Councillor Mike Layton said at a news conference.

“A new stormwater charge for companies would be a significant first action to realize the goals laid out in our city’s recent climate emergency declaration and resilience strategy.”

He said the aim of the fee is to make an incentive for companies to adopt climate friendly solutions like green infrastructure in order to reduce flooding.

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