LOOK AT RAIN DIFFERENTLY: “How will communities ‘get it right’ as land develops and redevelops?” asks Peter Law, President, Mid Vancouver Island Habitat Enhancement Society (Asset Management BC Newsletter, February 2019)

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The Parksville 2019 2019 Symposium is a collaborative effort of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC, Nanaimo & Area Land Trust (NALT), and Mid Vancouver Island Habitat Enhancement Society (MVIHES).

The three have joined forces to host a field day on April 2, followed by a 2-day symposium on Water Stewardship in a Changing Climate on April 3rd and 4th. The daily symposium themes are Sustainable Stream Restoration and Restorative Land Development, respectively.

The February 2019 issue of the Asset Management BC Newsletter included an article written by Kim Stephens, M.Eng., P.Eng, Partnership Executive Director, in collaboration with: Paul Chapman, NALT Executive Director; Peter Law, MVIHES President; and John Finnie, Chair, Parksville 2019 Symposium Organizing Committee

PARKSVILLE 2019 SYMPOSIUM: Make Where We Live Better through Restorative Development

We experience climate change primarily though water – intense rainfall, floods, droughts and so on. The major driver of economic growth in the twenty-first century will be responding to climate change, redeveloping our nations, revitalizing our cities and towns, and rehabilitating and expanding our ecosystems. This is not some wistful vision of the future: it’s already happening.

At Parksville 2019, delegates will learn how communities can apply science-based understanding to increase their restorative footprint and at the same time decrease their destructive footprint. Delegates will also learn about local government initiatives that are ‘getting it right’ and are moving along pathways that lead to restorative land development. Follow these leaders!

“Restoration comprises the largest new economic growth cycle since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Development has arrived at the ends of the Earth. Progress has nowhere to turn, except to revisit and restore what we’ve already wrought,” states Storm Cunningham, author and global thought leader. He is one of three prominent headline speakers from the United States who are part of the Parksville 2019 presentation team.

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Designed to paint a picture of the field day and 2-day symposium, the series delves into the details of the cascading program to inform, educate and establish expectations for each of the modules.

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To read the complete article published in the February 2019 issue of the Asset Management BC Newsletter, download a copy of PARKSVILLE 2019 SYMPOSIUM: Make Where We Live Better through Restorative Development