BUILDING RESILIENT BMP TOOLKITS: “Resiliency is not about just bouncing back, but bouncing back in better shape than before,” wrote Jacob Dorman


Building Resilient BMP Toolkits

“Jurisdictions are struggling to make their infrastructure more resilient in light of challenges such as recurrent flooding, higher intensity and longer duration rainfall events, aging conveyance systems, and the lack of financial resources, to name just a few issues. These concerns are shared across the country to varying degrees, but one constant is the need to plan for the future impacts caused by them,” wrote Jacob Dorman, region regulatory manager for Contech Engineered Solutions, in an article published by Stormwater Water Solutions magazine.

“Since future conditions are difficult to predict, a community’s BMP toolkit should be strong enough to achieve compliance today, but flexible enough to account for future innovation and technological advancement in all BMPs. Accounting for these can help meet the objectives of resiliency and provide better overall water quality within a community.”

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