“Nothing will provide 100 per cent protection against the potential losses from urban floods, but planning ahead reduces the odds that you will be flooded and may reduce your costs when a flood does occur,” says Michael Drescher, University of Waterloo

Urban floods: We Can Pay Now or Later

“Urban flooding — and other complex, environmental challenges — can be solved when communities work together to share their experiences and knowledge. In Canada, the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo is taking the lead on this as part of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.,” wrote Michael Drescher, an Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo.

“It is not a question of whether wild weather will affect your neighbourhood, but when. Somebody will pay for it — and it might be you.

“You could pay upfront to protect yourself against damage or afterwards to fix it.”

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The Calgary Stampede grounds are immersed in water during heavy flooding in Calgary, Saturday, June 2, 2013.