“Washoe County, Nevada is one of the most rapidly urbanizing areas in the country. Why are cumulative impacts of development ignored?” asks engineer Kris Hemlein

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A resident of Washoe County, Nevada, Kris Hemlein is an environmental engineer specializing in mining environmental management and mine remediation. Below are extracts from her article in the Reno Gazette Journal. Her observations have universal application. Click on the image to view a video.

A Call to Action

“County and state governments must be responsible for gauging the long-term accumulation of the impacts of urbanization on the environment. If they are not, then who is?,” wrote Kris Hemlein, in an article published by the Reno Gazette Journal.

“Think about growth issues such as roads, traffic, water supply, schools, stormwater management (or mismanagement, given the 2017 flooding), sewage treatment, fire prevention and police services. With Washoe population currently at over 460,000 and expected to increase by another 200,000 in the next 10 years, it is imperative that robust consideration of cumulative impacts to these issues, along with adequate remedial measures, be implemented immediately if we are to protect our lifestyle and our natural resources.”

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