DOWNLOAD: Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia

Integrated Strategy for Managing the Rainfall Spectrum & Mimicking the Water Balance

Mimic the Water Balance

“Released in 2002, the Guidebook provides a framework for effective rainwater management throughout the province. This tool for local governments presents a methodology for moving from planning to action that focuses on implementing early action where it is most needed,” stated Laura Maclean, Co-Chair of the Guidebook Steering Committee and Environment Canada representative.

“The Guidebook approach is designed to eliminate the root cause of negative ecological and property impacts of rainwater runoff by addressing the complete spectrum of rainfall events.”

“The Guidebook approach contrasts with conventional ‘flows-and-pipes’ stormwater management that focuses only on the fast conveyance of the extreme storms and often creates substantial erosion and downstream flooding in receiving streams.”

“Solutions described in the Guidebook include conventional, detention, infiltration and re-use approaches for rainfall capture, runoff control and flood risk management.

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Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia (Complete Guidebook) (PDF/9.9 MB)