KEYNOTE AT ‘RISING TO THE CHALLENGE’ CONFERENCE IN AUSTRALIA (August 2016): “Two keynote presentations in Australia over a 15-year period have allowed me to view our evolving British Columbia situation in a comparative context,” stated Kim Stephens, Executive Director, Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC

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In 2001, Kim Stephens was keynote speaker for an Urban Water Cycle Management Capacity Building Program for local governments in New South Wales, Australia.

Fast forward to August 2016. His keynote presentation at Stormwater 2016: Rising to the Challenge, a national conference held in Queensland (Australia), provided him with a platform for reflecting on “parallel journeys” during the period 2001 through 2016.

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Australian conference showcased how British Columbia is moving towards a water-resilient future

KimStephens_Aug2016_DSC_0284_v2_120p“BC and Australia are on parallel journeys, but our pathways to a water-resilient future differ. Still, by sharing and comparing, we can inspire each other. Also, we can learn from each other’s experience to avoid going down dead-ends,” stated Kim Stephens. “In embarking on the journey to a water-resilient future, we can learn from our ancestors. The foundation for cathedral thinking is a far-reaching vision, a well thought-out blueprint, and long-term implementation.”

A Tale of Two Keynotes

“It was terrific to catch-up with Kim Stephens at the National 2016 Urban Water Management conference. It was a blast from the past, literally, to see his name on the program …. I knew we were in for a treat with his keynote address! He certainly didn’t dsc_0354_karenne-jurd_city-of-newcastle-_aug2016_120plet me down!,” wrote Karenne Jurd, Assistant Program Coordinator-Environment with Newcastle City Council in the State of New South Wales.

“It was very cathartic to hear the BC story telling of success, both in policy and practice 15 years on from my first introduction to his ‘water balance’ approach to urban water cycle management.”

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Download Parallel Journeys to a Resilient Future: Water Cycle / Water Balance Approaches in Australia and British Columbia – 2001 to 2016 and Beyond to view a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation by Kim Stephens.

Keynote address at the "Rising to the Challenge Conference" in Queensland, Australia (August 2016)

Keynote address at the “Rising to the Challenge Conference” in Queensland, Australia (August 2016)




from the keynote address by Kim Stephens at 'Rising to the Challenge', the 2016 annual conference of Stormwater Australia, held in Queensland

from the keynote address by Kim Stephens at ‘Rising to the Challenge’, the 2016 annual conference of Stormwater Australia, held in Queensland