DESIGN WITH NATURE TO PREVENT STORMWATER FLOODING: "We are playing catchup – why is application of the science lagging far behind long established knowledge," is the question posed by Rick Baumann in South Carolina guest column

Rick Baumann, Guest Columnist (acknowledgement: South Strand News, South Carolina)

Rick Baumann, Guest Columnist (acknowledgement: South Strand News, South Carolina)

Stormwater Flooding An Expensive Problem, Hot Issue

“As development has occurred throughout our region, denuding the land, stormwater has developed accelerated paths to the lowest points,” wrote Rick Baumann in his guest column. He is a former member of a county Stormwater Advisory Committee in South Carolina.

“As early as the 1940’s – when state poet laureate Archibald Rutledge published his classic book Home by the River, stormwater had been reeking havoc for quite some time.

“Fast forward to present times and a quote….from Eric Larson, President of the SC Association of Stormwater Managers. ‘The science of stormwater management is catching up with the development that has occurred’. That is the problem.”

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