FLASHBACK TO 201O: “We need to completely reinvent how we deal with storm water,” wrote Calvin Sandborn in an Op-Ed published in the Victoria Times-Colonist



Re-Inventing Rainwater Management in the Capital Region

In an op-ed column published by the Victoria Times-Colonist, Calvin Sandborn of the Environmental Law Clinic at the University of Victoria wrote that “rainwater management practices have recently been developed that make the 21st-century green city possible.”

Calvin-Sandborn_100x123pInstead of relying heavily on pipes and concrete, this new approach relies upon soil, trees and open space to naturally absorb, store, evaporate and filter rainwater.

“This low-impact development approach mimics the natural water cycle, allowing water to infiltrate down through the soil and slowly release into the watershed.”

The article was part of the rollout for a report titled Re-Inventing Rainwater Management: A Strategy to Protect Health and Restore Nature in the Capital Region, released in February 2010.

The report demonstrates that ‘Design with Nature’ approaches and Low Impact Development techniques are environmentally superior, and often are cheaper. In addition, they can provide incalculable benefits.

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Download Rainwater runoff the key to a green city to read  the complete article as published in the Victoria Times-Colonist.