VANCOUVER SUN 0P-ED ARTICLE: We must protect watershed systems (published on October 13, 2016)

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In October 2016, publication of an op-ed in the Vancouver Sun newspaper demonstrated that the whole-system, water balance approach championed by the Partnership for Water Sustainability is news worthy. Written by Kim Stephens, Partnership Executive Director, the article was in fact a collaborative effort. A large number of individuals in government contributed input. Kim Stephens then weaved a storyline.

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Communities urged to integrate “water balance solutions” into land use decisions

“Everyone learns about the water balance (water cycle) in elementary school, but most have forgotten by high school. So what does this mean for communities? Consider that: A legacy of community and infrastructure design practices has failed to protect the natural water balance,” wrote Kim Stephens, Executive Director with the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC.

Kim Stephens_May2014_120p“Failure has financial impacts and implications for taxpayers. Consequences of not protecting water balance pathways include expensive fixes for flooding, erosion and habitat damage.

Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A B.C. Framework provides a financial driver for local governments to integrate watershed systems thinking and climate adaptation into asset management.

“Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management describes a ‘whole-system, water balance’ approach to community development and infrastructure servicing. Collaboration through the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Educational Initiative is producing tools and resources that will help communities integrate water balance solutions into land use decisions.”

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Download We must protect watershed systems to read the complete article by Kim Stephens.

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