CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS MAGAZINE: Sustainable Watershed Systems (published in the September / October 2015 issue)

Note to Reader:

Since 2006, Construction Business magazine has published bi-annual articles that highlight the efforts of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC to encourage changes in land development and water management practices.

In 2015, a request by magazine editor Cheryl Mah for an article on water infrastructure issues and asset management created an “awareness-raising opportunity” as the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC prepared to rollout Beyond the Guidebook 2015: Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management. 

Published in October 2015, the article was co-authored by Kim Stephens (Executive Director, Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC), Emanual Machado (Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Gibsons) and David Allen (Chief Administrative Officer, City of Courtenay & Co-Chair, Asset Management BC).

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Watershed Systems as Infrastructure Assets

Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery: A BC Framework signifies the dawn of a new era for local governments in terms of how communities service urbanizing and redeveloping areas, and define how infrastructure is planned, financed, implemented and maintained.

BC local governments are sharing and learning from each other. Water balance tools and case study experience are in place. Local governments can move beyond traditional infrastructure asset management thinking to account for watershed systems as infrastructure assets.

By 2017, it is envisioned that professional development provided under the umbrella of the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative would result in a common understanding among all departments within an organization about how they could align their efforts to achieve Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management.

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Download Sustainable Watershed Systems to read the complete article as published in the September-October 2015 issue of Construction Business magazine.