Green Infrastructure & Rainwater Management in the United States: report features five case studies in different regions of the country


Capture Rain Where It Falls

“In this special report, we highlight several innovative green infrastructure stormwater projects, including rain gardens, green roofs, and large-scale multi-use projects,” wrote Margaret Buranen in the White Paper on Green Infrastructure published by Forester Media.

margaret_buranen_120p“Several cities that have faced stiff penalties for combined sewer overflows (CSOs) are using green infrastructure to reduce the total amount of runoff.”

“With many Combined Sewer Overflow systems under consent decrees, from  their state, exploring innovative solutions to reducing stormwater runoff is not only smart, it’s necessary.”

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Download Innovative Green Infrastructure Case Studies for Stormwater to read how rain gardens, green roofs, and large-scale multi-use projects reduce stormwater runoff.