Flashback to 2007: BC's "Beyond the Guidebook Initiative" unveiled at Water Balance Model Partners Forum hosted by Metro Vancouver

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In March 2007, the Inter-Governmental Partnership held a Water Balance Model Partners Forum in March 2007 so that Partners could share success stories and lessons learned in implementing green infrastructure.

Hosted by the Greater Vancouver Regional District, the Partners Forum also provided a timely opportunity to roll out ‘Beyond the Guidebook’,a runoff-based approach to drainage modeling that connects the dots between source control evaluation and stream health assessment.

2007_Seattle Conference_focus on Fergus Creek

Fergus Creek Pilot Watershed Plan

“The pilot for Beyond the Guidebook is the Fergus Creek watershed plan that the City of Surrey has recently completed. The Fergus Creek plan demonstrates how to protect stream health in the urban environment”, noted David Hislop, City of Surrey representative on the Water Balance Model steering committee.

Jim Dumont_2007_120p“Experience gained in East Clayton and South Newton was  applied in Fergus Creek. The Beyond the Guidebook methodology was formalized as the Stream Health Methodology, and subsequently incorporated in the Water Balance Model when it was integrated with the QUALHYMO engine. The Stream Health Methodology is a function of flow duration, and hence stream erosion,” noted Jim Dumont.

Green vs Blue Solutions

2007_Kim-Stephens_120pIn commenting on the significance of the Fergus Creek plan as the pilot for Beyond the Guidebook, Kim Stephens observed that the plan is based entirely on implementing ‘green solutions’ as an alternative to conventional engineered ‘blue solutions’, and predicted that Fergus Creek will soon be attracting considerable attention from around North America because of the City’s fundamental shift in approach to rainwater management.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“That’s right”, continued David Hislop, “In addition to rainwater capture on individual lots, the strategy for replicating natural infiltration processes includes creation of contiguous large-scale green corridors through the watershed. Besides obvious environmental benefits the City has concluded that the corridors can result in cost savings for developers (and ultimately homebuyers) and the City because their effectiveness at controlling rainfall volumes makes the traditional detention pond redundant.”

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For more information on the Fergus Creek plan, visit Second in 2006 series under umbrella of the Celebrating Green Infrastructure Program.

About the DFO Urban Stormwater Guidelines

Kim Stephens also informed the Partners Forum that: “The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) is a partner in the Beyond the Guidebook process, in part because this runoff-based approach is intended to resolve performance concerns that we believe have arisen due to misapplication of the so-called DFO Guidelines.”

His reference was to a 4-page document originally released by DFO in 2000 and titled Urban Stormwater Guidelines and Best Management Practices for Protection of Fish and Fish Habitat. This frame-of-reference provided the segue for a detailed presentation by Jim Dumont on the Beyond the Guidebook methodology.


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