FLASHBACK TO 2007: At Water Balance Model Partners Forum, North Vancouver's Richard Boase described implementation of the "UBC Tree Canopy Interception Research Project"


Bringing Rainwater Management Science into the Community

Richard Boase of the District of North Vancouver described the partnership between the University of BC and the three North Shore municipalities to implement the precedent-setting Tree Canopy Research Project.

“While considerable research has been done in the natural environment, very little has been in an urban setting anywhere in North America. We have installed 60 tree canopy climate stations across the North Shore. One of our research interests is to determine the effectiveness of a single tree versus that of a cluster of trees. The research results will be used to populate the Tree Canopy Module in the Water Balance Model.”

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“This project has opened the door to a long-term partnership with UBC to bring science into the community,” continued Richard Boase. “There is also broad-based community participation. We have engaged the North Shore Mentally Handicapped Association to mass produce the wooden support structures for the tree canopy climate stations.”

“We have engaged community volunteers in neighbourhoods such as Clovelly-Caulfeild in West Vancouver. At the end of the day, the project will enable communities to make informed planning decisions about designing with nature.”

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