FLASHBACK TO 2007: At Water Balance Model Partners Forum, Jay Bradley presented an update on the Vancouver Island initiative


Vancouver Island Coordinating Team

The Vancouver Island Coordinating Team (VICT) was initiated by three provincial Ministries in December 2006 to facilitate a consistent, science-based approach to rainwater management and green infrastructure.

At the 2007 Water Balance Model Partners Forum, Jay Bradley reported that “The VI Coordinating Team has been established to facilitate a consistent, science-based approach to rainwater management on Vancouver Island. The steering committee that is providing the team with leadership comprises three provincial Ministries and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).”Jay Bradley_2007_120p

“We are aligning our efforts and collaborating with DFO because we believe this will enable us to be collectively more effective in achieving desirable rainwater management outcomes. We are providing local governments and the development community on Vancouver Island with the tools and experience that will help them design with nature.”

VICT logo_120p“The team is moving forward with an outreach program that involves meeting with local governments to generate dialogue and build bridges. The first two information sharing sessions on ‘sustainable drainage’ were hosted by the Cowichan Valley Regional District and the City of Nanaimo in December 2006 and February 2007, respectively.”

VICT Promotes Change Through Collaboration and Dialogue

Jay Bradley explained that VICT champions change on Vancouver Island by:

  • Helping local government improve rainwater practices by providing access to resources and local expertise;
  • Demonstrating practical, cost-effective, ecologically functional solutions to common problems that apply across all landscapes;
  • Promoting knowledge transfer and showcasing innovative on-the-ground projects; and
  • Aligning efforts across disciplines and across organizations to advance the state-of- the-practice of rainwater management on Vancouver Island.

“Rainwater management has come a long way.  Fifty some years ago the use of dynamite to ‘manage’ watercourses  was not uncommon.  ‘Blast it, pave it and pipe it’ could have been the mantra of the past, but it has also become the calling card for change.  VICT is preparing the way; it is helping communities think about What We Want Vancouver Island to Look Like in 50 years, and beyond.”

To Learn More:

To read the complete and comprehensive story about the 2007 Forum, click on Inter-Governmental Partnership Rolls Out ‘Beyond the Guidebook’ at Water Balance Model Forum

To visit the VICT homepage, click on https://waterbucket.ca/rm/category/vancouver_island_coordinating_team_resources/

VICT has a Charter which was completed a year after the 2007 WBM Partners Forum. To download a copy, click on Vancouver Island Coordinating Team (VICT) Charter – May 2008.

VICT Charter_2008