Delta’s rain garden experience is informing the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Educational Initiative (IREI)

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Delta Municipality is a Champion Supporter of the Partnership for Water Sustainability

The Champion Supporter category of membership is the way in which the Partnership for Water Sustainability formally recognizes agencies and organizations that are playing a leadership role in assisting the Partnership with implementation of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia.

In December 2015, Kim Stephens of the Partnership presented Mayor and Council of the Corporation of Delta with a framed “letter of recognition” because the municipality is a leader by example in the Metro Vancouver region.

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Rainwater Management & Rain Gardens:
Creating the Future in Delta Municipality

“Delta is a leader in implementing green infrastructure practices that will ultimately protect stream health. Your case study experience helps the Partnership achieve our educational mission,” stated Kim Stephens, Partnership Executive Director. “Hence, we are pleased to celebrate your accomplishments in our Watershed Blueprint Case Profile Series. In a publication titled Creating the Future in The Corporation of Delta: Rain Gardens Help Restore Nature to Urban Areas, we tell Delta’s story in the words of those who are implementing it.”

Kim-Stephens_IMG_1611_120p“There is a bigger picture context, and that is the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Educational Initiative. It is a unique collaboration, with five regions working together, and sharing and learning from each other. In April of this year, we went back to all the Regional Boards and asked them to reaffirm commitment to building of capacity and talent in the local government sector.”

“Looking ahead to 2017, we have a 2-year mind map. We are not trying to change the world over night. The goal is actually pretty modest. If we can just get everybody in local government understanding HOW to achieve sustainable watershed systems, that will be the measure of success. That is why it is so important to have the success stories like the Delta rain garden program. Now that you have been doing it for a decade, it is a way to show other local governments that one can make a difference, one municipality at a time.”

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Kim Stephens (Partnership Executive Director) presents "letter of recognition" to Mayor Lois Jackson

Kim Stephens (Partnership Executive Director) presents “letter of recognition” to Mayor Lois Jackson