News about Chesapeake Bay, USA: Local municipalities seek solutions that are both effective and not overwhelmingly costly


Nitrogen Pollution

Lessening Pollution: Stormwater Management Pits Costs Against Clean Water

If you think federal initiatives to reduce pollution from stormwater runoff are issues usually buried in engineering lingo and plentiful acronyms, Kirk Stoner, Cumberland County’s director of planning, thinks the issue soon will affect an area of life more easily understood: your pocketbook,” wrote Daniel Walmer in an article published by The Sentinel, a Pennsylvania homepage.Kirk-Stoner_Chesapeake Bay_trimmed_120p

“Stormwater management is one of these issues kind of lurking in the background that I think is going to crop up over the next few years and hit the taxpayer in the wallet,” Stoner said. “I don’t think the average resident realizes the extent to which it will be regulated in the future, and the impact it will have on them personally,” said Kirk Stoner.

As the Director of Planning for Cumberland County, Kirk Stoner establishes county-wide land use, transportation, environmental, and community policy and works with the county’s 33 municipalities to integrate the concepts from the county-wide plan into local plans.  

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