Nova Scotia hosts fifth and last in the "Across Canada Workshop Series” on Resilient Rainwater Management (Nov 3)



Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC will visit Halifax on November 3, 2014

The Ecology Action Centre is partnering with the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC to host the fifth and last in the five-city Resilient Rainwater Management: Across Canada Workshop Series on Adapting to a Changing Climate.”

Established in 1971, the Ecology Action Centre (EAC) is Nova Scotia’s leading environmental change-maker.   The mission of this charitable not-for-profit is a society in Nova Scotia that respects and protects nature and provides environmentally and economically sustainable solutions for its citizens.

The EAC works closely with social and natural scientists and makes strong use of science in communicating its message to the public. The EAC has been actively working on rainwater management and climate change adaptation:

  • In 2012 the EAC hosted an applied workshop on Stormwater Management with presentations on stormwater best management practices and an interactive scenario exercise.
  • In June 2013 the Centre co-hosted a workshop with Clean Foundation entitled “Stormwater Innovation: Management & Solutions”.
  • Along with municipal partners and the Insurance Bureau of Canada and other funders, the EAC developed a stormwater demonstration site in Halifax as well as numerous rain gardens around the city.
  • The EAC has also developed a climate change adaptation fact sheet for NS municipalities as well as a report on Adapting Atlantic Canadian Fisheries to Climate Change.

The Centre has received many distinguished awards, including one of Tides Canada Top 10 in 2010.  In 2012 they won the Atlantic Better Business Bureau’s Ethics Award for best non-profit and in 2012 the EAC received a Community Service Award from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects for their work on  stormwater management.

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Adapting to Climate Change

“Rainwater management and climate change adaptation are topics of high interest for Atlantic communities,” states Jocelyne Rankin, Water Coordinator with the Ecology Action Centre. “By partnering with the BC team to host a workshop in the Across Canada Series, Atlantic communities will benefit from knowledge-sharing and insights from experiences on the West Coast. Those experiences include developing tools and solutions that are Jocelyne Rankin_Halifax_2014_120pintended to help BC adapt to a changing climate.”

“While many Atlantic communities have begun thinking about how a changing climate will affect them, relatively few focus on overall watershed health. Yet, experiences from other jurisdictions have shown that investing in green infrastructure and watershed health can have beneficial results for climate resiliency”.

“The Resilient Rainwater Management workshop in Halifax dovetails nicely with the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities Fall Conference which begins the following day. Attendees will be happy to learn that both events will be held at the same location, The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel. This makes it easy for elected representatives from Nova Scotia to attend and learn how BC will leverage the Gas Tax Grant Program to help municipalities implement watershed-based solutions.”

Watershed Health

“Watershed health is a regulatory priority in British Columbia,” continues Kim Stephens, Partnership Executive Director. He is the leader of the BC team that is delivering the Across Canada Workshop Series.

Kim-Stephens1_July2014_DSC_0666_120p“The various regions of BC have these over-arching plans and strategies in place. Now everyone is primed to move from talk to implementation and integration. We have moved beyond the high-faluting language. It is all about practices on the ground that can create real change. And so, in terms of restoring watershed health, it starts with an understanding of mimic the natural water balance. We are beginning to make these words real to people.”

Ted-van-der-Gulik_Jan-2013_v6_120p“BC is at the dawn of an exciting new era in water and watershed management,” adds Ted van der Gulik, Partnership President and member of the workshop team. “The new Water Sustainability Act provides a fresh opportunity and framework for a uniquely British Columbian ‘top-down / bottom-up’ approach. The provincial government, local governments, stewardship sector and others can formally align efforts and collaborate to implement watershed-based solutions.”

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