Comox Valley Regional Board approves recommendation to use Water Balance Methodology to develop Performance Targets


A Rainwater Management Strategy for CVRD Electoral Areas_Dec2013_cover_v2

Watershed-Based Approach to Rainwater Management

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of rainwater and drainage related problems that have arisen in the electoral areas of the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD). This includes flooding, slope stability issues and erosion resulting in property damage, public safety concerns, road closures and water quality impacts.

The development of a rainwater management strategy to address the above issues was reaffirmed as a NOW priority in the region’s 2013 Strategic Plan.

Application of Water Balance Methodology

At its February 2014 meeting, the Comox Valley Regional Board received a report titled “A Rainwater Management Strategy for the Comox Valley Regional District Electoral Areas”. This report provided the basis for the Board approving a recommendation for “development of watershed-specific targets using the water balance methodology and the development of performance standards and design criteria for rainwater management.”

Kevin-Lorette_2013_v1_120p“The CVRD is currently undergoing an Official Community Plan (OCP) update and it is timely to include updated policy statements regarding rainwater management. The implementation of a full rainwater management strategy is a multi-year process that can be started now with implementation of several short term objectives aimed at further improving rainwater management in the electoral areas,” wrote Kevin Lorettte in the staff report. At the time, he was the General Manager of the Property Services Branch.

“The updated OCP language developed as part of the report will be provided to the strategic and long range planning department for consideration in the current OCP update project. The remaining objectives will be implemented over time as part of short and medium term next steps which are detailed in the report.”

“Watershed-specific targets will be developed in the 2014 work plan using the water balance methodology, and working in cooperation with the CVRD municipalities and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI).”

To Learn More:

To download a copy of the CVRD Staff Report, click on Rainwater Management Strategy, February 2014.

To download a copy of the supporting legal and policy report, click on A Rainwater Management Strategy for the Comox Valley Regional District Electoral Areas, December 2013.

To download a copy of an explanatory document released by the Partnership for Water Sustainability in April 2014, click on “An Introduction to the Water Balance Methodology for Protecting Watershed Health”

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