WBM Express: Partnership updated Metro Vancouver Regional Engineers Advisory Committee in June 2013


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Regulatory Requirements Drive Need for WBM Express in Metro Vancouver

In October 2011, support from the Metro Vancouver Regional Engineers Advisory Committeee (REAC) enabled the Partnership for Water Sustainability to develop two web-based tools for use by Metro Vancouver member municipalities: Drainage Infrastructure Screening Tool (2012); Water Balance Model Express for Landowners (2013).

Kim Stephens, Partnership Executive Director, met with REAC in June 2013 to provide the municipalities with a status report on implementation progress.

Mimic the Natural Water Balance

“Your recommendation of support for the Water Balance Model Express in October 2011 was key to the decision weeks later by the Metro Vancouver Board to contribute $50,000 in co-funding to this initiative. In turn, that triggered matching funding from the Federal-Provincial Climate Change Program. The Partnership appreciated your vote of Kim Stephens (120p) - 2009confidence and thanks you for your support,” Kim Stephens told REAC.

“The WBM Express will enable Metro Vancouver member municipalities to more easily deliver on regulatory requirements pursuant to the region’s Integrated Liquid Waste & Resource Management Plan. This regulatory document spells out specific actions for on-site rainwater management to protect or restore watershed health.”

“Protecting watershed health starts with an understanding of why it is essential to mimic the Natural Water Balance. The innovation of the WBM Express is the calculator that integrates three watershed-specific targets for replicating the flow paths of water in the watershed, and the flow in streams. Targets are pre-set by the partner municipality based on a watershed-scale assessment.”

To Learn More:

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